Nike Original running shoes 36-45 black jessie Album

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Nike Original running shoes 36-45 black jessie Album5

structural design, and can still be easily extended with foot movements. Smart design can be easily put into the backpack, help to run at any time anywhere. Superior joint Knit Flyknit shoes are designed with elastic yarns to give the feet (especially the heel) an exceptionally comfortable fit and a secure cladding effect. The vamp is a clever design that allows you to quickly put your shoes into a tote bag or backpack. Breathable outstanding The design of the Flyknit is inspired by the Flyknit Racer. The design is loosely knit on both sides. Make the air flow smoothly and help keep the feet cool. Freely no-clasp The soft and light sole is designed with innovative lines, simulating the natural movements of feet. It can extend freely during the lifting and landing of the feet. The shoe is designed to make the wearer feel as free as possible, making it feel as if they are part of the shoe. Other details Flywire comes in handy with a pair of shoelaces that can be molded to provide strong support when tightened Round heel is fitted skillfully to the ground, creating a comfortable walking experience The sectional sole is designed with textured toe and foam heel to create superior grip Display color: white/black Style: 942838-101 Nike Flyknit is a kind of shoes made of polyester yarn is made and be become the technology, it not only has the characteristics of light weight, flexibility, and endurance, also with line by line natural staggered formation of perforation, increases the permeability of the shoes. Based on the particularity of Flyknit vamp material and craft, the patterns and colors presented by the left and right shoes may not be identical. Whatsapp: +8617077756152 Email: QQ: 1323036589 Wechat: hotbrandsale If you need any help, please keep free to contact with us. AliExpress Purchase link: ★★★★★ important ★★★★★★ Pls notice the model number and colors, Choose correct model number and correct colors to buy the Nike !If you not sure, you can contact me(Whatsapp: +8617077756152)before you buy! DON'T write any information in order. DON'T contact me on aliexpress,if you have any question, contact me by whatsapp. DON'T leave feedback after transaction completed. if Nike unfortunately damage during transportation,pls contact me by whatsapp, I will try my best to solve the problem. thank you!

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